Report discoloured water

Use this form to report incidents of discoloured water to Uisce Éireann (Irish Water).

Reports completed here are sent directly to the Uisce Éireann Local Representative Support Desk (LRSD) on your behalf using an automated service.

This website is not associated with Uisce Éireann. It's intended to help make reporting of incidents easier.

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This information is so that Uisce Éireann can contact you directly about the issue.

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Your report

The time, date and location of that discoloured water was noticed. Uisce Éireann will use this information to identify the problem.

The eircode of the property where discoloured water was noticed (typically your own home).
The time and date when discoloured water was noticed.
You can upload a photograph showing the problem for Uisce Éireann (e.g. a glass of discoloured water). JPEG format only, maximum file size 5MB. (clear input)

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